Call me at 4 am, and tell me it’s because you want to hear my voice.
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I hate playing “never have I ever” because I’m a fucking slut

I hate playing “never have I ever” because I’m a fucking virgin

you will never know which of these two statements reign true for people who reblogs this and that bothers me


one of my favourite moments is when i’m sitting on a toilet completely drunk and i just smile and nod at myself in silence

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More girls have been killed in the last FIFTY years, precisely because they were girls, than men were killed in ALL the battles of the 20th century.

More girls are killed in this routine gendercide in any ONE decade, than people were slaughtered in ALL the genocides of the 20th century.

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cant handle this amount of attractiveness holy disjdndnsj

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Dark lipstick and thick dark eyelashes

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I’m ashamed of myself because I know I should be better and I have no idea how to get there.
I Don’t Know Where to Go From Here (#370: April 7, 2014)

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One of the BEST lines of the season.

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